Who am I? Can I really feel better?

Emotional and mental suffering is optional. Healing can happen.

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Human relationships are paramount

We all have basic human needs that must be met for us to have mental and emotional health

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Psychology and spirituality meet in the world of dreams and symbols

In our crazy society, in a world in crisis, no wonder people struggle. There are answers to the dilemmas that face us.

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Here you can begin or continue your healing journey, a journey that often brings us to different healers, therapists, and mentors. It takes time, and for some inexplicable reason, we find the person we need, when we need them. So here we are.

Please read “About Michael and VIP Counselling“, then contact Michael as soon as it feels right.

Not later, but as soon as it feels right. All too often we hear the silent call of inner wisdom, only to dismiss it, postpone it, debate it, or otherwise carry on in an inauthentic way

If you are ready to deal with some old stuff, clear out bothersome patterns, heal trauma wounds, rise to new levels of operating effectiveness, be free from addictive and compulsive urges, and enjoy better quality relationships, then take a step by arranging a meeting with Michael. Maybe it is your upteenth time trying therapy, or the first time – either way, your courage, sincerity and persistence will pay off.

We will soon learn if it is a good therapeutic match.

If you are a younger local professional in need of supervision, Michael is available to provide support and mentoring.


A Designation of BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

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